Monday, March 30, 2009

How do you combine the colors of your wardrobe ?

To build a good wardrobe well coordinated that meets all your needs, you must be aware and know your best colors, depending on your own natural color. An analysis of colors will either tell you where you make mistakes, or confirm your good flair to detect your most flattering shades while revealing other tones which you did not think of or where you might have prejudices. Whatever your color palette, three tone areas will emerge: THE NEUTRAL These are the basic tones around which the bulk of your wardrobe stands and are to choose for your jackets, skirts and trousers and your leather goods (shoes, bags, business case, belts, etc.). YOUR BEST BASIC COLOR The tones are more candid and stronger and add to your complexion, the color of your eyes and your hair in value. YOUR ACCENT COLOR They are made up of the clearer tones of your palette. Besides some twins, no two women are identical to one another. You all have your favorite colors to suit your own tastes and your own "aura" in some way. This analysis will also help you to identify which colors are really your best to grant them the right importance: • 100% - Your signature colors, colors that give relief to your personality and "boost" your self-confidence. You can wear them from head to toe and from toe to the head • 75% - The colors of your suits and your jackets • 50% - Colors to wear below the belt • 25% - They are not your best allies, do not take them completely away. You can use them as accessories or among the tones of prints. Together with the 50% colors, they can add panache or some interest to your outfits in your color "refuges". Next week, I will give you more tricks on "Neutrals".

Monday, March 16, 2009

Did you know your outer garments can look as good as the garments worn under them ?

Outer garments can look only as good as the garments worn under them. Body lumps, and bumps can ruin the look of the loveliest dress. And a sagging bust-line adds 10 pounds and 10 years to a woman’s figure. The following site gives you all the tricks to find the best bra for your personal needs:,901,30.html

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Your Best You

This blogg is dedicated to all of you who are looking for the hints and knowledge of "how to dress better", "how to turn your purchases into a real investment", "how to organize your wardrobe" and "how to be "Your Best You"". Saturday, I gave my first seminar. It was great. The room was full. The participants were thirsty for knowledge. I have so much to share with you too. My goal? For you to become "Your Best You". How? As Judith Rasband said: "Accept those features about your face and figure you cannot change - your hereditary bone structure and pattern of weight distribution. Make them part of your individual beauty. Then work to change what you can and will - your posture and weight. Learn to cover, camouflage, or counter what you can to enhance your figure and create the illusion of your ideal face and figure. This is a wonderful growing experience that leads to self-acceptance, sel-appreciation, self-confidence, and self-actualization" - from her book, Wardrobe Strategies for Women - Fairchild Publications, Inc. - Second Printing 2002. - My next post, next week, will give you some tricks about "fitted bras".