Monday, May 25, 2009

You can change your world by changing your thoughts

"You can change your world by changing your thoughts. You can change your thoughts by what you wear. Choose wisely." - Roberta Hugues
It is so true ....... I told one friend, - who had a lung removed not too long ago, to dress-up in bright colors and she would feel better. She did it and it changed her spirit completely - she is so happy now and she feels much better. She said it changed her life. Yes....... This is the psychological effect of colors. It has a great power on your life. If you don't feel good on the morning, wear something bright that day. If you do not have anything bright in your wardrobe, time for shopping and to change your habits. Get colors that will brighten your day up. Your wardrobe should have a combinations of colors (neutral, your best basic color and your accent colors-I gave you hints about these in one of my earlier message). When you feel down wear more of your best bright basic colors. It will light up your day. - Have a wonderful week.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Flattering fit for short rise body build

For a flattering fit, wear styles that fit attractively and lengthen the appearance of your rise (waist-to-hip area). What works:
  • Tops with vertical lines and patterns below the waist
  • Tops and dresses with high waistlines (empire)
  • Skirts and dresses worn at any flattering length
  • Narrow belts, or pants and skirts with vertical lines or patterns
  • Pants with drawstring waistlines or wide waistbands that can be altered to remove the extra fabric in the rise
  • Swimsuits with adjustable shoulder straps to allow for length adjustments.

What doesn't work: Styles that hang below or visually shorten your rise make your torso appear shorter and look unflattering.

  • Tops that are short or have horizontal lines or patterns below the waist.
  • Pants, shorts and swimsuits with horizontal stripes or patterns in the rise
  • Pants with detailed waistlines, hemlines or cuffs that can't be altered to provide a better fit in the rise without ruining the look
To know your body type is one important key to dress your best. If you have a question, do not hesitate to contact me, it will be my pleasure to be of service to you.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Five elements of design to help you achieve your figure goals

Anyone, with any body type, can create the illusion of more perfectly balanced proportions through her choice of clothes. It is largely a matter of revealing assets and concealing challenge areas through optical illusion. Five elements of design can help you achieve your figure goals:
  1. Line - the viewer's eye follows the lines of clothing. Vertical lines draw the eye up and down, adding height and diminishing width. Horizontal lines do the opposite.
  2. Color - light, bright, warm colors attract the eye and make areas they cover appear larger. Weightier, more subdued colors diminish.
  3. Texture - fuzzy, tweedy textures add visual bulk while smooth surfaces minimize. Shiny, reflective fabric enlarge; matter surfaces diminish.
  4. Scale - design details that are proportionally smaller make the body appear larger while larger details make the body look smaller.
  5. Proportion - equal proportions in clothing are less flattering than unbalanced ones.

If you can remember these tricks when you go shopping, you will soon love your wardrobe. -

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Winter Clothing Storage Tips

As the winter weather "lion" makes way for a sunny spring "lamb" you'll need to store your warmer wools in favor of cooler cottons. Here are some helpful tips for effectively storing your winter wardrobe to make way for silky spring and summer attire:

  • Clean garments before storing
  • Clean clothes properly
  • Use the appropriate hangers
  • Use the right containers
  • Avoid using plastic bags
  • Keep your garments away from heat and humidity and moths
  • Be selective about air fresheners

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Best Investment You Can Make-In Yourself

I love the content of the latest newsletter of Janelle. It is so true. Dress for you, to build up your self-confidence: Today’s world we are guilty of being obsessed with fashion, looks and makeovers. Even if fashion is not your main interest, your surrounding is looking at you. I was at Miami International Airport on my way to Los Angeles for a business trip. As usual, I was stunned at the way people dare to get out of their house. While walking, I saw track suits with flip flops(too long pants were literally sweeping the floor clean), shocking colour matches, tops so tight I’m surprised she hadn’t hyperventilated, jeans worn so inappropriately low exposing(well your mental picture is clear about what is exposed), and the best one that day, different coloured plastic hair rollers on her head. Besides the terrible clothing choices, I also noticed uncombed filthy hair. Ladies usually have hair that is either styled and sexy, or a hairstyle that is from the pre-historical period, or hair that is not cut nor brushed ever!. Men, on the other hand, have hairstyles that are hot and in style, messy, thinning or disappearing. When it does, gents, please do not attempt to cover the balding area with those last couple of strands. You are just kidding yourself and no one else! What you wear, tells a story about you and your energy level. Go for colour that flatters and complements you. This will aid in sending out positive energy. Remember the law of attraction – like attracts like. Just stay away from boring beige, unless you like eating plain white rice. Wear something red to attract passion, love and romance. Putting on green, represents prosperity and growth. Of course, navy and black are still the power colours of business. Add some colours and flavor in your life to spice things up! Business travel or vacation, you dress the part of a self assured and important person. Think confidence and be it. Fake it, ‘til you make it. To help you get there, wear your good clothes and lingerie, use that expensive perfume, burn those richly scented candles, step out in your best shoes and live and own that luxurious life of abundance. Every day is special, because You Are! Janelle Janelle Consulting Excellence