Saturday, October 22, 2011

Do you have a style?

Justin Fenner wrote an article about Iris Apfel (Styleite) "Like a shaman stylist, she worked her magic, transforming her workaday black dress into a smashing cocktail outfit. Her talismans were shoes and scarves, bags and belts, but most important was her costume jewelry collection", says Justin Fenner in Styleite.

I really admire the style of Iris. It is very colorful and projects a joy of life. Not everyone will feel good in such a bold style. If our outfits look very much like what we wore during our high school years, we may want to consider what our personal brand and image projects to others. Have we not changed since then? Have we not progressed? Don't we know our self a little more? Yes, - we are busy and it is is probably not on the top of our list at the moment. My friends and family accept me the way I am, right?  If we feel down and feel like we are transparent to others, or we are not happy with our situation, or are sick, or......, we may want to spend a little time reconsidering what our priorities are. Adding a little bit of color and wearing garments that actually fit our body can make a great deal of a difference in our life.  Could you learn a little more about what shape of garment would fit your body a little better and what color you could wear? Would you need some ideas for outfits? If this is the case, this blog is for you. I will give you tips of how and why on a regular basis (at least once a week). I hope to hear back from your side on how this information is helping you.