Friday, November 20, 2009

Have a healthy holiday with the Chilled Holiday Nog recipe from Rose Cole

I need to tell you about my experience. I have been on a non-gluten diet for two weeks now. Rose is the one that has inspired me. I have been following her website and her facebook page or a while. Because of her own health issues, Rose started to create recipes. I was already convinced about dairy-free, soy-free and sugar-free recipes. What made the difference for me was.......... the gluten-free. I almost lost 5 pounds in two weeks. Plus, my hair are not greasy on the morning anymore and my skin has changed. Her texture is softer and the tone is clearer. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... Don't fool yourself thou, sugar-free doesn't mean it is not sweet. Is this not the sweetest news of the day? Here is the recipe. If you like it. I give you the link at the end of this message so you can go get her e-book, eat delicious recipes, loose weight during this holidays and fit into your little black dress for the new year. (No, the dress does not have to be black, of course). Chilled Holiday Nog - (Raw) This creamy, sweet festive drink is pure holiday comfort. Your family won’t believe it’s dairy-free and actually good for you! Ingredients • 2 cups Almond Cream*, unsweetened • ½ cup date paste (dates blended with a little water) • 2 Tbsp grade B maple syrup • 2 frozen bananas • 2 tsp flax seed oil (*optional) • 2 tsp vanilla extract • ½ tsp nutmeg plus additional for sprinkling • ¼ tsp cinnamon Directions Blend all ingredients except bananas. Add bananas and blend. Serve immediately, sprinkled with additional sprinkle of nutmeg. *To make Almond Cream, soak 1½ cups of almonds in water for 8 hours, drain, and rinse. Then, blend the almonds with 3 cups of water and strain (a small wire strainer works well). Serves 4. I promised you, a healthy, deliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicious recipe. Here is her website to order her book: Have a great time trying this recipe and enjoy........

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Give your bras and shapewears a longer life cycle

I realized that most of my customers, do not know how to take care of their underwear. You can give a longer life to your bras when you do several things.
  1. Do not wear the same bra everyday (the fabric need to breath and the elastane need to rest).
  2. Wash your bras and shapewears in a little laundry bag made for this purpose (it will prevent it from rubbing against the tumble and will keep the fabric fresher longer).
  3. Wash your bras in cold water with a soft detergent.
  4. Never dry your bras and shapewears in the dryer, - hang them neatly on a hanger and let them dry.
  5. In your drawer, have your bras laying flat. This will help to keep them fresh for a longer period of time
And remember: "When you wear the right bra, you look fitter and younger".
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Saturday, November 7, 2009

How to wear earrings?

Have you ever wondered what king of earrings were best for your face shape and for your complexion? The other day, I watched a video that was made for a small business in the valley. The person had earrings. Earrings are important for a woman, they are the way to enlarge a woman's smile. The problem is that her earrings did not make her powerful. She is the director of this small business. She needs to lead. The way you dress, your jewelry are two important tools to the image your reflect. Today we will only approach your jewelry, in the weeks to come, I will give you more tips. Enjoy your week-end.

As we all know, earrings are jewelry attached to the ear through a piercing in the earlobe or some other external part of the ear. Earrings are women's favorite. Proper earrings can not only make a female look more beautiful, but also have the function of accommodating defects. So it is necessary to know about how to wear earrings properly. Therefore, before you wear earrings, you must take many factors into consideration, such as environment, your temperament, face shape, hairstyle, and your costume to reach the best effect.

How to wear earrings according to your face shape People with different face shapes should wear different earrings. If you have a round face, then you should wear long drop earrings instead of hoop earrings. This will make your face look less plump. If you are long-faced, then you'd better choose hoop earrings or big earrings to make your face look more fetching. If you have a square-shape face, then dapper stud earrings, long drop earrings or exaggerated earrings can make you look livelier.How to wear earrings according to your complexionEarrings' color should tie in complexion well. Generally speaking, people with pale complexion should not choose bright and colorful earrings. Silvery white, such as pearl earrings can make them more beautiful. While if your have fair skin, red earrings or dark earrings are good setoffs of your skin.How to wear earrings according to your hairstyleLong hair with long drop earrings will make you look gentlewomanly; short hair with finished stud earrings can set off a woman's crackajack; asymmetrical hairstyle with asymmetrical earrings can make a women look pleasing to both the eye and the mind.

Anyway, wearing earrings is an art. As long as you choose the proper earrings according to your own condition, everyone can be a princess.
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