Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Whatch your balance!

Proportion is essentially the way various parts of your body relate spatially to the other parts:
  • how long your legs are in relation to your torso,
  • how wide your rib cage is in relation to your hips,
  • how low or high your breasts are on your chest, etc.
All this makes a big difference in how you look in various styles of clothing. Even a simple deviation in shoulder width can affect the way a garment hangs. This is the reason something that looks terrific on your best friend, who wears the same size as you do, can look terrible on your- and vice versa. It's also why some women look better, or worse, in skirts, tube tops, or Capri pants. Next week, we are going to approach the how to fine-tune your balance and we will build from there on. Again, do not hesitate to share your concern and to share this message with your friends.

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