Monday, May 18, 2009

Five elements of design to help you achieve your figure goals

Anyone, with any body type, can create the illusion of more perfectly balanced proportions through her choice of clothes. It is largely a matter of revealing assets and concealing challenge areas through optical illusion. Five elements of design can help you achieve your figure goals:
  1. Line - the viewer's eye follows the lines of clothing. Vertical lines draw the eye up and down, adding height and diminishing width. Horizontal lines do the opposite.
  2. Color - light, bright, warm colors attract the eye and make areas they cover appear larger. Weightier, more subdued colors diminish.
  3. Texture - fuzzy, tweedy textures add visual bulk while smooth surfaces minimize. Shiny, reflective fabric enlarge; matter surfaces diminish.
  4. Scale - design details that are proportionally smaller make the body appear larger while larger details make the body look smaller.
  5. Proportion - equal proportions in clothing are less flattering than unbalanced ones.

If you can remember these tricks when you go shopping, you will soon love your wardrobe. -

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