Monday, May 25, 2009

You can change your world by changing your thoughts

"You can change your world by changing your thoughts. You can change your thoughts by what you wear. Choose wisely." - Roberta Hugues
It is so true ....... I told one friend, - who had a lung removed not too long ago, to dress-up in bright colors and she would feel better. She did it and it changed her spirit completely - she is so happy now and she feels much better. She said it changed her life. Yes....... This is the psychological effect of colors. It has a great power on your life. If you don't feel good on the morning, wear something bright that day. If you do not have anything bright in your wardrobe, time for shopping and to change your habits. Get colors that will brighten your day up. Your wardrobe should have a combinations of colors (neutral, your best basic color and your accent colors-I gave you hints about these in one of my earlier message). When you feel down wear more of your best bright basic colors. It will light up your day. - Have a wonderful week.

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